IT Engineer

Full time
Computer Science
IT Engineer Fulltime job, based in Suzhou, China
  • You have knowledge of IT HW/SW and IT infrastructure?
  • You have a data analysis capability?
  • Are you familiar with computer systems like OA, MES, ERP, WMS?

3 times yes?

Working place

Our promises to you

  • An intensive coaching period to get you fully onboard
  • An international job in a fast-growing company
  • A hands-on culture where everybody is easily approachable including the leadership team
  • Autonomy to organize your responsibilities
  • Due to the rapid growth of our organization, there are long-term career opportunities

As an IT Engineer you are responsible for

  • Server Room maintenance, including server, storage, network devices maintenance and support
  • Server OS and application maintenance, including MS patch installation and application upgrade
  • MES system maintenance and support in case of key users cannot solve issue and provide support at second level
  • ERP system maintenance and support, including PinWin, SAP and GALYS Support
  • General IT system support, including PBX, Printing system, Attendance system and other OA
  • UPS, CCTV, door security system maintenance and support
  • Network maintenance & support, including WAN, LAN, WIFI, VPN and cabling when needed
  • Information security management and control, keeping improving along with new technology
  • Office and production end-users support, HW/SW maintenance, purchasing record and license usage management
  • System & data backup, Service Desk system monitoring, and keeping the raised tickets solved in time
  • IT assets management & distribution on site
  • Technical and operation manual documentation
  • On time escalation at any critical or emergent situation and responsible for incident & problem tracking
  • Job rotation and training bring out when needed
  • Other tasks assigned by supervisor

You are our missing link when you recognize yourself in the following

  • Experience of general Microsoft systems implementation and support (AD, DHCP, DNS, M365)
  • Experience of MES system support
  • Experience of ERP, WMS, PLM, SCM support, SAP is preferred
  • Familiar with Server HW/SW support, VMware experience is preferred
  • Experience with Printing, Attendance system support
  • PBX, CCTV, Door security maintenance skill
  • User end Hardware/software problem analysis ability
  • Basic network maintenance skill
  • Basic security concept & skill
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-SPAM experience
  • Centralized backup /recovery experience
  • Familiar with MS SQL, DB
  • Good Work plan & priority management
  • Follow and practice IKOR culture diligently
  • Good in communication
  • Good in SOP documentation
  • Able to follow & implement Corporate standards

Ready to become our missing link?

Apply by contacting Angela Deng.

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Angela Deng
HR Manager
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