Reliability in every link

From prototype assembly to series production: IKOR represents quality and reliability.

It goes without saying that we assemble PCBs of the highest quality. At least as important is the fact that we surround our products with care throughout their entire life cycle.

The quality of our production increases as a result of the use of robotics and the strict monitoring and continuous improvement of our production processes. Day after day.

We carry out the necessary tests, issue the necessary certificates, and guarantee traceability. In short: our products meet all quality requirements. This way we can relieve you of your worries.


  • High speed SMT lines
  • In-line 3D SPI & AO inspection
  • Leaded & Lead-free Wave Soldering Machines
  • Selective & Full nitrogen Wave Soldering capabilities
  • X-Ray capabilities
  • In-line and off-line washers
  • Conformal coating
  • Potting
  • Testing: Flying probe, boundary scan, In-Circuit, functional, shear, Thermocycling & Environmental
  • Fully automated Back-End line
Lean Manufacturing
Guided by Lean philosophy

Guarantee strictest levels

We have an extensive experience manufacturing, assembling and testing electronic products. Providing global capabilities, seasoned and dedicated teams, standardized processes, cutting edge equipment and technologically advanced capabilities so that we can guarantee the strictest levels of quality and reliability.

Service map
  • Full traceability
  • Product customized automated lines
  • 3D SPI & AOI inspection
  • Full nitrogen wave soldering capability
  • In line washing
New Product Introduction

Cross-functional qualified team

We offer a cross-functional qualified team who aims to define, implement, optimize and validate the best production process. Through the use of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfM/ DfA), products are developed with robust and efficient processes to achieve high reliability, quality and manufacturability assuring customer specifications during the life cycle of the product.

Service map
  • Test systems
  • Including Flying probe and boundary scan
  • Optimized with MSA studies
  • Reliability and coverage adapted to product
Sourcing & Procurement
Long-term relationships

Combine local and global

IKOR’s Sourcing & Procurement service covers all phases from the selection of component suppliers to the management of daily material flows and the supervision of suppliers.

Beyond that, the setting up of long-term relationships with preferred vendors/suppliers, ensuring consistently high quality of purchased products and the implementation of logistic models.

Our global sourcing specialists combine local and global organization to take advantage of expertise in order to ensure competitive advantage for our customers which assure best cost-efficient, quality, reliability and flexibility.

Service map
  • Component selection
  • Supplier selection
  • Implementation logistic models
Repair & Maintenance
Reliable partner for entire lifetime of product

Customized product repair & maintenance service

Through direct contact with a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team that will solve any problem that may arise.

At IKOR, we also have the experience and capabilities to extend the life cycle of the customer product when it begins to show signs of age. This refurbishment program can include both software and hardware upgrades, with experience in designing both if required.

Service map
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Provide full record of all changes

In terms of efficiency and quality, IKOR can compete with the largest companies on the market. In terms of flexibility, we can compete with the smallest players out there