On the right track

Rail transport is growing. Trains are becoming longer and running more frequently and faster. This has consequences for the capacity of the railways, safety on and around the railways, and the quality of life.

The growth of rail transport demands traffic management and safety systems that cover all rail traffic- and consequently, components and systems of an exceptionally high quality.

Another trend is sustainability. Train manufacturers are aiming to extend the economic life of their models. IKOR gets them to their destination.

Some of our applications

  • Traction control system
  • Power inhibitors for traction IGBTs
  • Central Control Unit for Communications MVB (Railway Safety Protocol)
  • Products SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3, SIL4 (Railway Safety Regulations)
  • Signaling and multimedia subsystems
Idea. Concept. Realization: all in one source

We are a global support to make your products and turnkey projects a reality, reducing costs and risks while accelerating your
time to market with total reliability.

Design. Validation and Test. Manufacturing. Box Building. Repair & Maintenance

Specific knowledge

Our Deep understanding of your needs allows us:
• To procure best value, quality solutions at the right time and
in the right quantity
• To Promote the development of innovative solutions in line
with the market needs
• To secure your long-term commitments (after-sales service adapted to Railway standards- Up to 30 years-)

A few or many. Always full traceability

We focus on medium/high mix to low/medium volume projects, supporting with our expertise and approach to regulatory compliance standards, at the service of our customers’ products.