Without infra, we’re nowhere

Communicating, paying, cooking, transporting: things which have nothing to do with each other at first glance. Yet they have one thing in common: without infrastructure they would be impossible.

Infrastructure is often invisible, but it is indispensable, and vital to our food and water supply and to the heating of our homes. In short: infrastructure is the lifeline of the economy.

More and more devices are being connected to the Internet of Things. Fossil fuels are in decline, electricity is on the rise. That's why we are generating more and more energy with solar panels and wind turbines. These are all reasons to make considerable investments in the capacity of our networks.

Thanks to our knowledge of information, water management, and energy, IKOR can make a valuable contribution to the transitions the world is facing today.

Some of our applications

  • End to end Smart management systems with embedded cybersecurity
  • Control systems
  • BMS (Battery Management System) & stationary battery storage
  • Power supplying devices, converter, inverter, mobility infrastructure EV (elect. vehicles)
  • Solar, wind energy, hybrid power solutions, water purification…
  • Smart meters, smart meter grids, home & public building automation
Fast, flexible & cost-efficient

For product design and development for the Energy & Telecommunications industry. We’ve designed our process with the agility to move as quickly as your market does. Build to Order customized models to meet your product specific needs.

Tailor made

• From hardware and software
design to mass production and
box building
• All in one, Split solutions, compact
or big formats

Smart & Secure

• Large experience in Wireless
and Mobile Communications
(Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee, RF
Modbus RTU, Ethernet, CAN…)
• With embedded cybersecurity